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The course was wonderful and the way u related the reflexes to our own body made it so simple and clear. . Excellent and looking forward to undertaking some further courses with u. Diana.

The teaching methods were excellent and very thorough and easy to understand .The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Glad I found you on the net will definitely be back -Deborah

Options for study

 1. Homestudy/Online/E-Training

2. Personalized tuition plus homestudy


About this course

The Holistic Therapy of Reflexology has been used over the years to promote physical health and well being in many thousands of people from all walks of life. The roots of reflexology are ancient and it seems people in all areas of the world worked on feet to improve health. The first known recording of it was on a painting in ancient Egypt.

Reflexology treats all the organs of the body through the feet, but not only this – it clears blocked energy pathways throughout the body enabling organs and glands to function properly. By putting pressure on particular points in the foot, the supply of blood, as well as the functioning of the nervous system is improved.

Reflexology is believed to heal a number of illnesses ranging from back pain to migraine to sleep disorders. Some people with sports injuries believe that it helped them to recover quicker. Arthritis sufferers found it has eased their pain. Sinus sufferers maintain that it offers instant relief from congestion. It helps normalise blood pressure, restore hormonal imbalances and is beneficial for circulation, digestion, and respiratory problems.

Stress is now believed to be a major cause of physical illness so by reducing tension and improving blood and nerve supply, this alternative therapy contributes to better overall health for everyone.

What you will learn

Massage techniques to relax the foot, as well as thumb and finger techniques to work specific reflex areas on the foot that cause responses in corresponding parts of the body.

  • Give you an understanding of the principles and practices of reflexology so you have an invaluable healing technique to use.reflex web photo (1)
  • You will be able to administer an effective and therapeutic one hour reflexology treatment.
  • Relaxation massage techniques of the feet.
  • Perform reflexology thumb and finger techniques.
  • Identify and name reflexes of the feet according to the Ingham method of reflexology.
  • Zone Therapy/Guidelines
  • How to work all reflexes on foot
  • Identify guidelines and reflexes: above Shoulder, above waistline, above pelvic line, below pelvic line, dorsal side of foot.
  • How reflexology works /Concept of Mirror Image
  • Learn anatomy and bones of Feet
  • Discuss contraindications/cautions in reflexology.
  • How reflexology can be used in conjunction with other modalities or as a stand alone treatment.
  • What Essential oils to use to amplify and increase benefits of reflexology.
  • How to use and apply essential oils to spinal reflex.
  • Visual Observations. What to look for on feet.
  • What reactions people may have to Reflexology?
  • The power of the treatment and how it heals.
  • Treatment Session:Guidelines for length, frequency, positioning of client, pressure, creams, fingernails
  • Reference books will be suggested but not compulsory.

Who this course is for

  • It is  a fantastic modality for the qualified massage and beauty therapist to expand their knowledge base giving them more therapeutic skills and another modality to draw on.
  • The layperson who wants to treat family and friends .
  • Health care professional wanting to incorporate Complimentary Therapies.
  • People wanting to gain Insurance for Foot Reflexology.
  •  Qualified Massage Therapists wanting CPE points.


  • You will gain an Approved Certificate of Attainment on completion of course.
  • Approved 25 hours for CPE points by all Massage Associations
  • A Certificate of Reflexology 100 hours is also available as a stand alone qualification with IICT. For this certificate you also do Hand Reflexology and Spa ritual courses and case studies.  Please ring me on 0407645764 for more information



Hi Kaye.

I’d like to pay you a complement regarding the online reflexology course content, I am undertaking.
Even though, l didn’t complete my reflexology diploma, due to illness some time ago, I still benefited from a year of study and clinical practice.
The course you offer, is very precise and covers very much so, the important fundamentals and principles of reflexology. You most certainly have delivered a well rounded very informative course.
I’m very happy with both, reflexology and Indian head massage content study material I am undertaking.
Cheers and regards. Thank you.
Trish Diehl.


Materials provided

  • Over 1 hour Instructional video/DVD/MP4  with a companion E- manual.
  • Extensive PDF Theory E- manual.
  • Extensive PDF Techniques E- manual.
  • Assessment requirements E-manual

Course Outline

Reflexology Homestudy course OUTLINE FOR REFLEXOLOGY HOMESTUDY COURSE 2020, showing you the course syllabus and how it is set out and assessed. This course is now 25 hours


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Personalized Tuition

  • Personalized training is limited to 1-2 persons and time and dates are negotiable to suit all.
  • Personalized training involves homestudy and one on one tuition
  • In personalized reflexology training 1 day is often  sufficient.
  • Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.
  • We create flexible study plans to meet your needs.
  • Please phone Kaye on 0407645764 to discuss the course and or make a time for one on one studies .

Delivery and Materials:

  • On the tuition days  their will be an emphasis on practical massage receiving and giving the demonstrated techniques.
  • Homestudy material as outlined above is also included.
  • The video has step by step instructions covering clearly and concisely all techniques.
  • Once  monies and enrollment form filled out you receive the homestudy  MP4 or Hard copy DVD  and manuals outlined above
  • Reflexology Homestudy course OUTLINE FOR REFLEXOLOGY HOMESTUDY COURSE 2020, showing you the course syllabus and how it is set out and assessed. Now 25 hours
  • You will discuss with Director, Kaye Dixon what Homestudy needs to be done before and after course. This will be tailored to your needs.


For personalised tuition and homestudy $725

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The workshop was wonderful and the way u related the reflexes to our own body made it so simple and clear. I enjoyed meeting and working with people of like minds. Excellent and looking forward to undertaking some further workshops here. Diana.

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