1. About this course

The course was delivered in an inspirational, kind and witty way without any loss of professionalism and eye for detail. Positive energy and love were generated and I learnt so much in 3 days beyond my expectations. I left  knowing I can now do full body massage and the DVD  is excellent.!!! Thank you Kaye for your very special teachings and patience with us all. Looking forward to doing more of your courses -Lindy

Relaxation massage helps relax and lengthen muscles, loosen stiff joints, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
and helps with pain reduction, stress relief and clear emotional and energetic blockages.
Western massage techniques were popularised by the work of Pehr Henrich Ling and Dr. Johann Mezger in the 19th century, who developed systematic massage methods and encouraged the use of massage as a medical treatment

You will learn a full body relaxation massage. Techniques covered relaxation strokes, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, energy balancing and  what essential oils to use to amplify and increase benefits of massage. Contraindications of massage and benefits of massage what oils to use and draping for client safety.

The founder and director  of Central Springs School of Massage holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and has taught Nationally Accredited Certificate 1V in Relaxation/ Therapeutic Massage as well as Body work in International and National Day Spas

A professionally produced DVD is available so your learning continues long after you have left the classroom.


2. What you will learn

2.1. Subject Topics

  • Massage Sequences
    • Back Massage
    • Back of Leg Massage
    • Front Massage
    • Front of Legs Massage
    •  Arm Massage
    • Neck Massage
    • Face Massage
    • Foot Massage
  • Hand Techniques
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Energy balancing
  • Levels of Massage Pressure
  • Deep tissue and Relaxation Strokes
  • Techniques for Muscle Release and Relaxation
  • Many Different Massage Strokes
  • Positioning of Client
  • Draping
  • Posture of Massage Therapist
  • Contraindications and Hygiene
  • Communication for the Massage Therapist
  • Timings of Sequences for performing Professional Massage
  • What to charge clients and tools to assist starting your business
  • Will be able to perform 1hour and or 11/2 hour full body massage with confidence
  • What essential oils to use to amplify and increase benefits of massage
  • Feathering technique unique to CSSM for deep penetration of essential oils to aid in healing nervous, lymphatic, muscle and skeletal systems..

Class size small to ensure one on one attention .

Instructional  professionally produced DVD available for purchase $50 so you have an excellent revision and refinement of techniques after completion of course.

2.2. Delivery and Materials

You will  receive e -manuals with theory on contraindications of massage, benefits, lymphatic drainage and more.

On the course their will be an emphasis on practical massage receiving and giving the demonstrated techniques..

Fun revision exercises for all massage sequences learnt as well as personal and spiritual development exercises.

Instructional Video is available for purchase at $50 for course participants as ongoing learning tool

2.3. Study Options

2.3.1. Personalized training:

$495 for one day personalized course instruction. $900 for 2 days

In personalized training 2 days is sufficient. Also professional video is available to buy on day for $50 for further studies and refreshment.

If pay $400 deposit or in full then Video can be purchased before course if you want to watch and learn to enhance your one day of practical learning.

The video has step by step instructions of all material covered in Foot Reflexology practical..

Personalized training is limited to 1-2 persons and time and dates are negotiable to suit all.

Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.

We create flexible study plans to meet your needs

2.3.2. Homestudy

This course is also available as Home study. Please click here Homestudy courses

3. Cost

Homestudy $395

$495 for one day personalized course instruction. $900 for 2 days

DVD instructional Video $50

4. Certification

  • You will gain an approved Certificate of Attainment on completion of course
  • This course is approved  and entitles you to membership of  MAA and IICT as well as  Professional Liability Insurance, .
  • Course is also approved for  Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points

5. Venue

Central Springs School of Massage,

6. Enrollment and Payment

email  for enrollment form kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au

Click here to  pay securely and quickly online on  our shop page

Then enrollment form will be sent immediately to you to fill out

Places are only confirmed on receipt of $100 deposit and enrollment form filled out and returned

7. Contact

For more information can Email kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au or ph 0407645764

8. Accommodation

For more info re accommodation options Click here

Other options for study

8.1. Homestudy

This course is also available as Homestudy . Please click here Homestudy courses

8.2. Personalized teaching

$495 for one day personalised course instruction.

Also you have the choice to  combine with homestudy to enhance the one day of skill development.  Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.

We create flexible study plans to meet your needs

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