1. About this course

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course and how much both I and my clients are loving hot stone therapy. One of them said that it was the best massage she’d ever had! Thank you for your teachings and I look forward to being your student again sometime in the near future.-Nicolette

Having extensively studied Polynesian Healing systems we offer a unique Hot Stone course.Polynesian Katamasi Kata–Hot Masi Massage
Ancient cultures were fully present to the healing life force of Mother Nature. The Polynesians used the earth’s richness of stones, sea crystals and plants to assist healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

We use a 54 set of volcanic basalt stones to provide different placement stones for both prone and supine body positioning and for specific injury or illness.

Polynesian massage techniques use different size and shaped stones for flowing massage, remedial and deep tissue work.

To incorporate the healing properties of plants we drop essential oils along the spine and then place the hot stones. This has a profound calming influence on central nervous system helping to reduce pain and release muscle tension.

The qualities and properties of seas shells and different layout placements will be demonstrated .

Cold quartz stones and their properties will also be introduced.

This therapeutic Polynesian Hot Stone massage is only being taught at Central Springs School of Massage.

Benefits of Polynesian Hot Stone Massage20080725_0125

(Katamasi) utilizes long flowing strokes as well as specific placements of heated stones to aid circulation, digestion, decrease muscular spasm and pain, softens tissue, boost immune system and lymphatic system.The deep penetrating heat of the stones prepares the body for deeper work relieving pain and cleansing the body.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy creates a profound healing that enables the body to enter a deep state of relaxation. It is more than just a massage, this treatment often promotes and accelerates emotional healing, as the whole body is finally able to “let go” allowing people to reconnect to their inner strength.

2. What this course will teach you

  • One and half hour Polynesian Hot Stone Massage
  • Types, shape, and usage of a 54 Spa set of volcanic basalt stones
  • Learn what stones to use for stationary placement and what stones to use for different massage strokes
  • How to use basalt stones for deep tissue work,relaxation and remedial work
  • How to use the different shape and sizes of the works to enhance your strokes
  • Placement of stones under and on body for Remedial, Therapeutic and Relaxation massage
  • How to adapt hot stone therapy to your style of massage
  • Tools and equipment needed
  • How to look after stones-clean and heat_MG_1445
  • Contraindications, work place health and safety, safe use of stones and equipment
  • What Essential oils to use to amplify and increase benefits of massage
  • Feathering technique unique to CSSM for deep penetration of essential oils to aid in healing nervous, lymphatic, muscle and skeletal systems.
  • When to use cold stones will be discussed.
  • The placement and use of sea shells
  • The 7 Hawaiian principles
  • And much more

When you leave you will have an extensive and thorough knowledge of lots of different ways to massage with stones and stationary placement of the stones on and under the body.

You will leave loving the organic nature of the stones, and the magic they work on contracted muscles taking the client to an amazing deep level of relaxation. A very powerful massage with the stones doing the work for the practitioner.

Ultimate Benefits of course

  • New healing skills that are unique and powerful therapeutic tool.
  • Give and receive hot stone treatments
  • Gentle detox of own body_MG_1453
  • Being pampered and nurtured
  • Personal empowerment and awareness
  • An Introduction to Hawaiian Spiritual Philosophy
  • New skills to increase earning capacity

3. Who this course is for

  • Massage/Beauty Therapist wanting to learn further techniques.
  • Massage/Beauty Therapist students wanting to learn more skills to gain employment and or  increase income .
  • Therapists wanting time out to nurture self through giving and receiving many therapeutic treatments as well as connecting to nature and inner Self.
  • Health professionals  and holistic healers wanting to learn complimentary therapies .

4. Course Information

4.1.  54 Spa set of volcanic basalt rocks for sale

$295 and are large set of varying shapes and sizes.

Rocks are in organic state unpolished and range from large to small. The organic nature of rocks allows their natural electro magnetic force to penetrate the body and assist healing. Sets include placement and massage rocks of varying sizes and shapes. The set weighs between 14-16kg.

Basalt  volcanic stones .are over 28 million years old and have  been tossed by the ocean for many million years.

Each set is individually chosen and  color coded  so you can easily recognize and learn the different types. It is the many different  shapes and sizes of the rocks that enable therapists  to work deeply and gracefully  into the muscles . This is not achieved with polished uniform stones.

My suggestion is you do course first before purchasing rocks so you can make informed decisions as to what set of rocks will suit your style of massage etc.

The stones are also available at $295

4.2. Study Options

All options approved for CPE points and professional liability insurance and to join Massage association.

4.2.1. Personalized training:

$495 for one day personalized course instruction.

In personalized training 1 days is sufficient. Also professional video is available to buy on day for $50 for further studies and refreshment.

If pay $400 deposit or in full then Video can be purchased before course if you want to watch and learn to enhance your one day of practical learning.

The video has step by step instructions of all material covered in Foot Reflexology practical..

Personalized training is limited to 1-2 persons and time and dates are negotiable to suit all.

Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.

We create flexible study plans to meet your needs.

4.2.2. Homestudy

This course is also available as Home study. Please click here Homestudy courses

Can gain CPE points and professional liability insurance for home study


4.3. Cost

$495 for personalized tuition

Instructional DVD/Video $50

Home study $295

4.4. Delivery and Materials

  • The course is a hands on with lots of practice so when you leave you will confidently be able to give an 1½ hour Hot Stone massage using the equipment safely and skillfully in your own clinic. This always means you receive lots of fantastic treatments over the 2 days of the course.
  • During the course you partner up,working in pairs and each pair has a set of 54 rocks to work with learning the function and usage of all the different sizes for massage and placement.
  • Instructional video includes demonstration of  hot stone massage,  how to use essential oils, cold stones and seashells. Running time 2 hrs price $50

Homestudy approved courses available for Hot Stone Massage covering what has been outlined above. Please email for course outline, costs and enrollment form.

One day intensive are available please email your details and we can make time to suit teacher and student .

4.5. Contact

For more information can Email kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au or ph 0407645764

4.6. Enrollment and Payment

Please email kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au for enrollment form and how to pay.

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Click Here to download an enrollment form.

Click here to  pay securely and quickly online on  our shop page

Then enrollment form will be sent immediately to you to fill out

Places are only confirmed on receipt of $100 deposit and enrolment form filled out and returned

4.7. Testimonial

 Excellent stress free I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, the music, connecting to my love of rocks. Good flow to all procedures, well explained. I have done all your courses now. Thank you. Lisa.


Hot stones is a fantastic technique, is a beautiful massage to have and to do. I will definitely be recommending others to train here. Merran.


Didn’t know playing with rocks could be so much fun would recommend anyone to this course. A great modality, the best. Joy.


With a good teacher the techniques were very easy to learn and very enjoyable. I had great fun forging new friendships and learning new skills. Teresa.


Thanks for taking time to explain moves in demonstrations and assisting if required . Course kept to timelines and participants focused and centred on client-thanks for being there for us. Pamela.


I learnt the techniques in such an easy way, very reassuring, nothing threatening. Loved the teaching, lots of hands on. Will come back for more. Very warm energy and a beautiful country experience. Kerri.


For more testimonials go to http://kdmassagecourses.com.au/wp/testimonials/

5. Accomodation

Please go to accommodation page and for more info re accommodation options contact Kaye

For more info re accommodation options Click here

Other options for study

5.1. Homestudy

This course is also available as Homestudy . Please click here Homestudy courses

5.2. Personalized tutition

$495 for one day personalised course instruction.

Also you have the choice to  combine with homestudy to enhance the one day of skill development.  Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.

We create flexible study plans to meet your needs.

6. Homestudy

This course is also available as Homestudy . Please click here Homestudy courses