1. _MG_1454About this course

Shirodhara is a classical ayurvedic treatment, in which warm oil is poured in a continuous stream across the forehead. Massage of the marma points on the head, neck, scalp and feet is also part of treatment. It’s a blissful, relaxing and rejuvenating therapy that leaves your skin glowing and eyes bright. It is part of Ayurvedic purification therapy to help eliminate disease causing toxins and replenish the tissues with nourishment and is known as the golden way to attain longevity. By stimulating the master gland, which controls many of our body systems, it brings the body into balance and good health. It quietens the mind and senses and helps bring about hormonal balance allowing the body’s healing mechanisms to release stress from the nervous system. Marma points on head and feet are taught as part of pre and post massage. Hot Stone layout is also demonstrated

2. What you will learn

  • How to do a shirodhara treatment
  • How to pour  medicinal warm oil on 3rd eye
  • Benefits of  shirodhara full treatment
  • What equipment is needed and where to purchase it.
  • What essential oils to add to enhance treatment and their specific qualities.
  • The qualities and uses of ayurveda oils.
  • A hot stone layout to ground the recipients doshas.
  • Lemon and salt foot exfoliation and massage.
  • Ayurveda principles and philosophy
  • How to determine client’s dosha and treatment variations.
  •  Ayurveda history and theory
  • Contra indications and Client confidentiality form.
  • and much more……..

3. Course Details

3.1. Dates

April 1st 2019

3.2. Costs

Course $350 .

Personalised tuition $465

DVD $50

Homestudy $195 Sale till end of march

4. Other options for study:

4.1. Homestudy

This course is also available as Homestudy . Please click here Homestudy courses

4.2. Personalized teaching

$465 for one day personalized course instruction. The date and time are negotiated to suit us both.

Also you have the choice to  combine with home study to enhance the one day of skill development.  Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.

We create flexible study plans to meet your needs.

4.3. Delivery and Materials

The day of the course will be instructional demonstrations and practice of techniques on other person and receive a treatment.

Before course  you will receive:

  • PDF course manual on the Theory and Principles of Ayurveda Spa Therapies covering the following information:
  • Shirodhara
  • Ayurveda principles and philosophy,includes Doshas questionnaire.
  • Qualities and properties of essential Oils and vegetable oils used.
  • Ayurveda Herbal oils for Doshas
  • History, contra-indications, benefits, client forms
  • A manual with the practical moves and techniques of Ayurveda Spa Therapies

4.4. Video /DVD/MP4

A professionally produced video  is available for purchase to students of shirodhara only on the day.

The DVD covers all aspects of Shirodhara learnt on the day plus a marma point face neck scalp and foot massage $50

A e manual is supplied with DVD for the marma point massage.

It is a powerful addition to your shirodhara treatment.

This is exceptional value as the marma point massage  as homestudy is valued at $90

4.5. Certification

  • You will gain a Approved Certificate of Attainment on completion of course
  •  Course is approved for and entitles you for membership of Massage association and professional liability insurance.
  • Course is approved for CPE points by Massage Associations
  • 4.6. Enrollment

    • Click here to  pay securely and quickly online on  our shop page Then enrollment form will be sent immediately to you to fill out  Places are only confirmed on receipt of $100 deposit and enrollment form filled out and returned

To enroll in this course or for further information please send Kaye an email.

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4.7. Contact

Email kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au

5. Testimonials

Kaye, your Shirodhara course was both fun and fascinating to learn, and so relaxing to receive…
I felt the effects of the treatment still slowly unfurling days after our session together. It was a treatment that just seemed to keep giving…
All the information you shared regarding oils (both carrier and essential) and their usage has been invaluable. I have already begun to put this into some of practice in my wellness clinic and my clients are loving it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with us. You have re ignited the passion for natural therapies within me!. Julie

Hi Kaye!
Thank you so much for the wonderful couple of days spent in your company during training… (shirodhara) Your are such a wise soul and it is such a blessing to be bestowed with even a small amount of your knowledge and wisdom . Simone

For more testimonialshttp://kdmassagecourses.com.au/wp/testimonials/ go to

6. Accomodation

For more info re accommodation options Click here

6.1. shirodhara_pot

7. Equipment

At the moment I have no equipment for sale recommendations below .

For brass pots and wooden stands and Ayurveda oils Contact  Siby in Melbourne.

Can ring or email him with questions

Siby Kuriachan :Operations Manager

www.avskottakkalaustralia.com or www.sydneyayurvedacentre.com

Mob:0422194830         Email: pkstraders999@gmail.com


More sources for equipment provided on course