1. Student Course Review

“After receiving my first Kahuna massage from Kaye, I realized that this was a whole new level of bodywork that was profound and effective in restoring physical balance and spiritual well being. I have had a lot of massage over the years but the sheer fluidity, depth and beauty of the massage allowed me to totally let go and surrender to the experience. Kaye is a master of bodywork.” Francis Guerin.

2. About this course

Kahuna massage is unique in a number of respects. It is a flowing energetically vibrant and completely relaxing whole body massage where the practitioner uses their forearm and hands in long flowing strokes. Stretches, under bodywork and deep tissue techniques combined with healing intent and the rhythmic dance like flow (tai chi like movements) all contribute to a unique massage that heals the body, soul and mind .

You will be shown a number of different draping techniques so trust and safety is maintained for the needs of all clients and therapists. For example, chest draping for females. Kahuna massage is a sacred experience where client and therapist adapt massage style, draping and strokes to needs of the client to be able to let go and relax in a safe and nurturing environment free of judgments.

The use of the forearm in a dance like style enables practitioner to work at all levels of intensity with grace and ease. It truly makes deep work easy.

KaHuna Bodywork helps us open up pathways to ancient genetic wisdom in our own bodies. The seven Huna principles which are an intricate part of the course provide a life affirming spiritual philosophy to live by and integrate into one’s life. The course also gives time out in nature’s womb to connect to one’s soul self , cleanse, dream, reflect, and set goals. It’s a chance to receive and give lots of healing massages and connect to all that is in a beautiful, relaxing, country setting.

You will form life long friends create networks, receive days of sacred temple massage, relax in the bush, swim in the dam and have lots of fun .Some say Kahuna is the Rolls Royce of massage and you will be competent in the kahuna temple style techniques when you leave.The training will enable you and your clients to reach a state of inner peace and harmony enabling the body to heal itself.

3. What you will learn

  • Safe Draping that builds trust for the needs of all clients.
  • How to use disposable spa products to maintain professional modesty and safety for all clients.
  • How to use forearm in long flowing dance like movements.
  • How to do under body strokes
  • Special dances: flying albatross and duck dance and flight of the navigator.
  • Exercises to further develop institution.
  • Balancing of masculine and feminine energies.
  • Working with energy to prevent burnout and tiredness.
  • Shamanistic techniques to connect to all that is.
  • Remedial techniques.
  • Lymphatic drainage.
  • Emotional release techniques
  • One and half hour full body Kahuna Temple style massage
  • Personal development and empowerment.
  • How to use music as a healing tool.
  • How to massage with 2 practitioners on one receiver.
  • What essential oils to use to amplify and increase benefits of massage
  • Feathering technique unique to CSSM for deep penetration of essential oils to aid in healing nervous, lymphatic, muscle and skeletal systems.
  • And of course much more with sacred surprises and lots of fun.

To see  more extensive outline of what is covered in each module  Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced  Click here

4. Who this course is for

  • People with no massage experience who want to learn a truly beautiful and powerful massage.
  • Experienced masseurs who want to learn more techniques and specialized modalities.
  • Massage and Beauty Therapist wanting to add more skills to their menu and create more income.
  • Health care professional wanting to learn complimentary therapies.

5. Course Details  Why study at Central Springs School of Massage

will give you a leading edge in Kahuna Temple Style Massage:

  • Kaye Dixon has studied Hawaiian massage, philosophy and techniques with many different teachers both in Australia and in Hawaii. She brings an authentic shamanistic approach to her course.
  •  Kaye  assists  people to easily learn the techniques and to guide personal development with the benefit of individualized attention.
  • Individualized attention allow Sacred Temple Style Lomi to be taught to a high level of expertise in 3 modules
  • People come from all over Australia and overseas to study Sacred Kahuna Temple Style Lomi at CSSM.
  •  Individualized attention allows for personalized attention and the flow on effect of successful learning outcomes .
  • You will leave having gained professional skills to confidently give a Sacred Temple Style Massage and as such will be will be well sought after by an ever increasing clientele.
  • We focus on the spiritual emotional and physical side of massage. Time is spent doing shamanic techniques learned in Hawaii to help each therapist reach their potential and to begin to know and fulfill their souls yearning.
  • Central Springs School of Massage is recognized through out Australia for its quality training, therapist networking and fun on the farm.
  • Professionally produced DVDS are available after completing each module so your learning can continue long after you have left the classroom.

5.1. Certification

Can join International Institute of Complimentary Therapists IICT and or Massage Association Australia MAA after completing the first module(beginners -30hours ) to gain professional liability insurance.

All hours available for CPE points through your Massage Associations.

You will gain a  Approved Certificate of Attainment on completion of  each module.

5.2. Learning Options

5.2.1. Personalized training:

$495 for one day personalized course instruction. $900 for 2 days

In personalized training 2 days is sufficient. Also professional video is available to buy on day for $50 for further studies and refreshment.

If pay $400 deposit or in full then Video can be purchased before course if you want to watch and learn to enhance your one day of practical learning.

The video has step by step instructions of all material covered in Foot Reflexology practical..

Personalized training is limited to 1-2 persons and time and dates are negotiable to suit all.

Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.

We create flexible study plans to meet your needs

5.2.2. Homestudy

This course is also available as Home study. Please click here Homestudy courses

Can gain CPE points and professional liability insurance for home study


5.3. Cost

  • Each level is 2 full days of training at a cost of $900-
  • Instructional Video $50
  • Homestudy $395

5.4. Delivery and Materials

E notes will be sent before course and e manual supplied on course

Dvds for beginner and intermediate available for purchase at $50 each or $90 for both

The course is practical with massage exchanges after demonstrations , fun revision exercises, shamanistic techniques and practises and exploration of the 7 Huna principles.

6. Enrolment and Payment

If you’d like to partake in a  Course  please contact Kaye  0407645764 or email kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au

Click here to  pay securely and quickly online at our shop page

Then enrollment form will be sent immediately to you to fill out

Places are only confirmed on receipt of $100/$200 deposit and enrolment form filled out and returned.

7.  Contact

For more information can Email kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au or ph 0407645764

8. Testimonial

Hello Kaye,

Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and your kind hospitality, it truly was a wonderful experience, one I am sure I will journey with you again…
We covered a lot in a very short time and I am already feeling the affects in my mind, body and soul..
The course really exceeded my expectations and I am so happy I have chosen the path of Kahuna massage.
I have been fortunate to go straight in to using my new found skills and those whom I have shared with have had “magical experiences”
One comment was “you have given me so much more than a massage”, so I have been able to gain insight and bring much needed positive energy to myself and those whom I touch,
it has a very up lifting effect 🙂 Must keep grounded!!
much love and hugs
Nicole April 2015


Received the DVDs… Love them!  These are a great resource for me. Thank you for letting me buy both DVDs.!


For more testimonials go to http://kdmassagecourses.com.au/wp/testimonials/

9. Accommodation

Budget accommodation is available on site and or  click here to go to  my accommodation page for off site  options  that are sensational and very well priced .

If you’d like to know more re accommodation, please contact Kaye on 0407645764 or email kaye@kdmassagecourses.com.au


Other options for study

9.1. Homestudy

This course is also available as Homestudy . Please click here Homestudy courses

9.2. Personalized tuition

$545 for one day personalised course instruction.

Also you have the choice to  combine with homestudy to enhance the one day of skill development.  Email CSSM for more details or phone 0407645764 to discuss your options and what you want to achieve from your studies.

We create flexible study plans to meet your needs